These multipurpose platforms are designed for the most demanding operational requirements and the most hostile scenarios that a vehicle must face with ease, stability and safety.

Due to their performance in combat, fires and disasters, our vehicles are very prestigious between the military, police and civil defence forces, as well as within the industrial sector.

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Fulfil the needs of each mission

From its very beginning, UROVESA has always worked with a very clear philosophy: our vehicles, apart from possessing mechanical and dynamic characteristics that allow them to adapt to all kinds of terrain, must meet each customer's requirements in order to adapt to each scenario, use and mission, whether civilian or military.

Therefore, we designed our VAMTAC and TT URO vehicles as modular and versatile platforms capable of being configured according to their mission.

Thanks to the ongoing collaboration with our technology partners, the experience acquired in supporting the most severe working conditions, and also our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, we have been able to offer multiple configurations for the one platform.

This production strategy allows to simplify the training processes, the maintenance, the acquisition of spare parts and the technical assistance of our platforms.


Although our platforms are mostly engineered and designed for military purposes to withstand the most inhospitable and demanding scenarios, their mechanical performance, robustness, manoeuvrability and traction systems are also of great value for civilian uses since they include this excellent performance.

  • Agriculture
  • Cargo
  • Emergency
  • Firefighting
  • Forest
  • Cargo
  • Police
  • Urban
  • etc.


It is when people's lives are at stake that our military platforms really demonstrate their operational and functional capacities. Fulfilling a mission is not only a necessity, it is an obligation.

Our experience in extreme situations such as Afghanistan, Congo or Iraq are some of the scenarios where our vehicles have demonstrated their resistance, reliability and effectiveness.

  • Cargo and Transport
  • Emergency and rescue
  • Command and Communications
  • Weapons carrier
  • Weapon Carriers
  • Logistic Units
  • Surveillance and control
  • etc.

Tailor-made vehicles

We do not only design and sell vehicles. We are committed to providing our customers with solutions and their trust is the best endorsement and greatest award for our work.


For further information you can call us at (+34) 981 580 322 or send us a message