TT URO Civilian

Cargo truck

 TT URO trucks can be configured for the transport of all types of materials with a capacity of up to 9 tons of weight. The rear area can be configured with different lengths and types of chassis and cargo beds (fixed platforms, open trailers, bodyworks, containers, dumpers, triple tilt trippers, etc.) adaptable to the different types and modalities of loading and unloading.

This versatility, which allows to include cranes for the handling of the load together with the excellent off-road performance, allows a safe transport in the steepest terrains and the most adverse climates

Chassis Cabin

The most basic of all the configurations is at the same time the most versatile, since in addition to selecting the type of cab (single, or double); adjusting the length of the chassis, as well as defining the type of superstructure to be integrated, regardless of who manufactures it.  All you needed is to coordinate with UROVESA regarding the type of anchorage required and the feasibility to the maximum weight allow (16.000Kg).  

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Narrow Chassis Cab

The TT URO narrow chassis truck with 2050 mm wide, is the most suitable model to work in small areas or narrow places such as forest roads, urban streets, rural trails, etc.

Like the standard chassis, it allows to develop multiple solutions. With double-wheel in the rear axle its maximum authorized weight is 16,000 kg.

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Cargo beds

Our trucks are configured according to the work they must accomplish together with the special requirements of each client. The cargo box can be fixed, tilting, dump type, etc. The rear and side doors are customizable depending on the type of load. It allows to incorporate different types of crane to facilitate the handling of the merchandise.

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