TT URO Civilian

Road-rail Trucks

Together with our partner, UROMAC SYSTEMS, S.A., specialized in industrial and railway machinery, we can offer a wide range of road-rail platforms. Maintaining the modular concept, the TT URO trucks are specially configured to integrate the applications developed by UROMAC for the construction and maintenance of railways, catenaries, rescue and emergency vehicles, among others.

Its narrow gauge and its short wheelbase allow driving on tunnels, tramways and metro. Equipped with an intelligent hydraulic suspension (APSC) its traction and continuous contact with the track is guaranteed.

By achieving a towing capacity of up to 1,600 tons, these joint developments UROVESA/UROMAC are ideal for rescue and towing railway applications.

Construction & Maintenance

Road-rail vehicles that can normally circulate on roads and can be configured for railway works in catenary, overhead electric lines, signposting, communications and control systems for railways, metros, trams and trolleybuses. Its design in accordance to customer's requirements, including elevating platforms, cranes, cargo beds, pantographs, cable reels, etc.

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Rescue & Cleaning

Rescue vehicles designed to respond quickly to emergencies on railway, metro or tram lines. Are configured with separate compartments for the crew and equipment such as crane, rail brake equipment, to put on track and tow wagons, also as ambulance and fire extinguishing. Finally, there are versions for cleaning equipped with a brushes suction unit to collect the dust from the rails and high-pressure water for platform and rail cleaning, essential to ensure service life of equipment and even avoid risk of derailment.

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