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Fire trucks

From the beginning, fire trucks have been our great specialty and a permanent presence in our production lines. Our platform provides the necessary versatility to be adapted to the different types of fires, which is highly valued by the fire brigades.

In cooperation with the main national and international bodybuilders of the industry, a multitude of solutions have been configured adapting cisterns, motor pumps, and equipment to the different requirements.

Hundreds of our units are providing service in Spain, as well as in other regions of the world.

Forestry Fire Medium Capacity Pumper Truck

Narrow trucks with water tanks up to 3.000 liters, along with its pumping and thermal protection systems to act in the fire area. Designed to maintain a proper balance between manoeuvrability in all terrain, safety and great extinguishing capacity, without forgetting the space and the adequate distribution for all the necessary equipment. They are ideal for Municipal Corporations, Autonomous Communities, Civil Protection Organizations, National Parks, etc.

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Firefighting High Capacity Pump

They are configurations on 4x4 all-terrain trucks, heavier and with greater capacity than the forestry fire trucks with up to 18 tons GVW, in order to work in situations where the maximum extinction capacity is required.

Due to their weight and dimensions these trucks have less manoeuvrability, and work at a greater distance from the fire. They can be configured with single or double cab and with the right place for all  the equipment. 

These trucks, in addition to their own water capabilities, can be connected to other water sources such as a fire hydrant a water tender (tank truck) or even a swimming pool.

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