TT URO Civilian

Emergencies and NGOs

When catastrophes and humanitarian emergencies occurs, access to the affected area is essential in the shortest possible time, as people's lives may depend on it.

Many Organizations that take care of these extreme situations in difficult terrains and adverse climatology value our reliable off- road platforms with a wide range of customized variants to access and give support to the affected areas.

 Delivery of basic supplies, rescue & evacuation of people, debris removal, are some of the tasks that requires the strength, and reliability of a platform such as TT URO

Delivery of basic supplies

They are general cargo trucks with L Track tie down system for the anchoring of the goods, as well as an arched structure and folding cannopy.

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Configurable medical care trucks capable of transport and treatment of patients in areas of difficult access. With single or double cab, the rear box can be configured from basic units to carry patients, to medicalized units to give health care life-support during transportation.

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Mobile Clinics & Labs (medical, odontological, etc.)

These units can offer the same structure and resources as a standard clinic or lab. They can perform both preventive care and treatments to improve the quality of life and approach  health to areas of difficult access and remote villages with small populations where access to health requires the displacement of patients to distant centres.

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