TT URO Civilian

Security forces

The Police and other security forces from different countries have selected due to the versatility, resistance, durability and performance our TT URO platform for multiple tasks.

Troop carrier, cisterns and cranes, as well as for other more complex applications such as command posts and riot vehicles, benefits of the strength and reliability of our truck. 

Cargo & Personnel carrier

Our multi-task military platform is ideal as personnel and different materials, providing resistance, safety, stability and off-road performance.

The customer will be able to select the configuration that best suits their needs by admitting multiple variants of seats, cargo beds and canvas shelter with different safety and comfort systems.

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Tanker truck

Our tanks are capable of transporting up to 8,000 liters of water, fuel or any other liquid to the most inaccessible places and supply these essential elements for security forces. The tanks are fixed for greater security to the frame of the truck by means of false frame with elastic anchors.

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Recovery truck

They are special trucks with the ability to rescue vehicles since they have a crane integrated to be able to respond to different of vehicles in any type of terrain and in any weather.

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Anti-Riot truck

These police trucks were designed to control of riots and the dispersion of violent crowds, as well as the protection of the civilian population and members of the security forces.

It can be configured with water cannons, smoke launchers, grill protections for windshield, headlights and windows.

Can also be equipped with a hydraulic front shovel for barricade removal which allows the vehicle to act as a frontline defence in hostile situations. 

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Command post

These units are vehicles to act in case of emergencies, disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.) or riots. They give support to the authorities to exercise the functions of planning, direction, coordination and control of operations in the affected area.

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