TT URO Civilian

Passenger Transportation

The TT URO platform can be configured either as a minibus or a truck for passengers or workers transportation. The customer can select the configuration that best suits their requirements. 

Beyond the final configuration of our platform, its strength lies in its characteristics and qualities to travel in regions of difficult access and adverse climates maintaining the comfort and safety of the occupants, reaching places where other buses or trucks would not be able.


In case the characteristics of the terrain or the climatic situation requires an off-road bus, our platform offers a robust solution for steep areas and extreme climates.

Granting its passengers maximum security, allows transit through rock quarries, deserts, mining operations and snowy areas. Also used for mountain tourism or national parks, or to transport workers to areas of difficult access where conventional buses do not arrive.

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Workers Carrier

Our cargo configuration can be transformed easily into a personnel carrier application. Just need to add to the cargo bed, benches with arched structure and folding cannopy. The final configuration depends on the length and type of cargo bed, as well as the choice of benches (fixed or folding) optionally special seats for better comfort and safety are possible. 

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