TT URO Civilian

Urban, Construction & Services

Thanks to the reduce width, strength, reliability, manoeuvrability and versatility TT URO is the perfect truck for urban jobs and municipal applications. From waste collection, cleaning and maintaining of roads as their applications in the construction field, this platform becomes a perfect ally.

The recent launch of the 4x2 version with ecological gas engine, ideal for urban applications, allows us to affirm that our truck is the narrowest, most resistant and multipurpose platform on the market

Urban. & Municipal Services

Configurations to carry out the multiple works and services provided in the context of the management of the city by mayors and other city agencies that includes cleaning streets, sidewalks and beaches, waste management, unblocking of sewage, maintenance of public lighting,  etc.

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Construction & Public Works

For this industrial sector, multiple configurations have been developed such as dumpers, concrete mixers, cranes, excavators, drillers and other heavy equipment. Our platform facilitates the work in areas of difficult access, as well as its full performance and durability.

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Highways & Road Maintenance

Through configurations capable of incorporating special equipment while maintaining its performance and safety to adapt to the different jobs required in the network of highways and roads as: snowplough snowblower, brushcutter, cleaning of bridges, milestones and signs ....

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Electrical Installations & Maintenance

Solutions for electrical companies, supporting  works in rural areas and in adverse weather conditions for the installation and maintenance of power lines and lighting towers. Depending on their configuration, they can be equipped to drill, place poles and columns, cleaning, reappearing and maintenance tasks. It also supports to work on high voltage lines without cutting off the supply.

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