TT URO Military

Cargo & Troop Carrier

Our TT URO multipurpose military platform can be adapted, with a payload of up to 9 tons to the different functional cargo and troop transport requirements that may be demand by military organisations 

The rear area can be configured with different lengths and types of cargo beds for the different types and modalities of loading and unloading as well as types of benches and canvas for troop cargo

This versatility, associated with excellent off-road performance, allows safe transport in the most rugged terrain and adverse climates.

Chassis Cabin

The most basic of all the configurations is at the same time the most versatile, since in addition to selecting the type of cab (single, or double); adjusting the length of the chassis and allows to choose the type of superstructure to integrate, regardless of who manufactures it.  All you needed is to coordinate with UROVESA regarding the type of anchorage required and the feasibility to the maximum weight allowed. (16.000Kg)

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Cargo Transport Version

Can be configured, in accordance with military standards, adapting them to the work they must accomplish and to the requirements of each military unit in order to transport all types of materials with a load capacity of up to 9 tons.

The rear area can be configured with different lengths and types of chassis and cargo beds (fixed or tilting platforms, open trailers, bodyworks, dumpers, containers, etc.). The sides and rear gates are customizable depending on the type and modality of loading and unloading. It also allows to include cranes to ease the handling of the load.

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Troop Carrier

The general cargo trucks can be transformed into troop carrier providing the rear box with benches, arches and canopy. The final configuration depends on the choice of cabin, the number of soldiers to be transported, as well as the choice of type of benches. They can be fixed or folding benches as well as special seats with greater security.

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