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Fire Fighting trucks

The contribution of military units in the fight against fire has required the development of firefighting units, usually for civilian use in fire brigades, more suited to military requirements and applications. They are vehicles capable of working very close to the fire.

In cooperation with the main national and international bodybuilders of the industry, a multitude of solutions have been configured adapting cisterns, motor pumps, and equipment to the different requirements. 

The aim is to achieve a balance between safety for personnel, manoeuvrability in complex terrain under extreme climatic conditions, and extinguishing capacity with maximum space for equipment. Other units must be adapted to other military scenarios such as manoeuvre fields

Pumper Truck

Designed to be reliable, robust 4x4 trucks, in its lighter versions (up to 14-ton GVW), especially narrow and with tank of lower capacity have a great manoeuvrability. Or the heavier versions (18-ton GVW) with greater extinguishing capacity, but due to its weight and dimensions, have less manoeuvrability and need to work at a greater distance from the fire.

Both versions can be equipped with total traction, low centre of gravity, thermal protection systems and anti-roll bars to deal with very adverse working conditions: very high temperatures, unstable terrain, steep slopes, rocks and extreme weather conditions. They can also get the water from other sources such as a fire hydrant, a tanker truck, a lake or a swimming pool. 

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