TT URO Military

Command and Communications

The Command and Communication units on our TT URO platform can be designed and configured so that their deployment allows to exercise command and coordination in military operations. For this purpose, they can be configured as shelter carrier or superstructures in which complex computer systems, communication media and work areas are integrated, which allow to provide commands with the necessary coordination, communication and control capabilities in operational scenarios.

They usually incorporate advanced communication systems to ensure the permanent link with deployed units as well as with the main and / or rearguard command post.

Box truck

Are chassis cab with a closed cargo box manufactured using insulating panels on the walls and roof, while the floor is made of waterproof plywood and covered with aluminum or other non-slip material. This bodywork consists of one functional unit even when it is manufactured by adding a cargo box to a chassis cab and can be configured and equipped internally to adapt to the mission and scenario in which it will work.

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Shelter & Container Carrier

Unlike fixed carriages, the rear box is independent of the truck and can be load and unloaded in different trucks and work in isolation or integrating part of a camp using the supplies and services of the facilities. This allows the truck to be released to carry out other activities.

They can also be configured and equipped internally to be adapted to the mission and the scenario in which they will be deployed. Another advantage of standardized containers is that they guarantee the way they are fixed, transported, handled and stacked.

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