TT URO Military

Maintenance and Logistics

These platforms are configured to provide logistical support to deployed military forces in combat scenarios or to assist in peacekeeping or humanitarian relief operations.

The aim is to guarantee their operational capabilities through supply (ammunition, food, water, fuel ...), maintenance (with workshops and cranes) and transport (of troops and / or supplies in general) even in the most adverse situations

Tanker truck

Our tanks are capable of transporting up to 9,000 liters of water, fuel or any other liquid to the most inaccessible places and supply these essential elements for military camps or deployments.

The tanks are fixed for greater security to the frame of the truck by means of false frame with elastic anchors.

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Recovery Trucks

They are special trucks with the ability to rescue vehicles since they have a crane integrated to be able to respond to different of vehicles in any type of terrain and in any weather.

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Mobile Workshops

Our trucks can be configured and equipped to provide mechanical assistance, machinery repairs and other vehicles that could suffer a mechanical accident in areas of difficult access.

Configured according to the needs and requirements of the client, they must be equipped to perform the greatest number of mechanical actions in situ in the worst conditions and most adverse environments.

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