TT URO Military

Surveillance & Control

Our TT URO in its body version or shelter platform, allows to carry  from a simple tower control to a customized complex intelligence systems C4ISTAR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, acquisition of objectives and recognition)

Depending on the mission to which it will be assigned, it can incorporate sensors, cameras and radars (detection, and identification of objectives and threats); information systems and communication equipment that guarantees connectivity and interoperability of the unit.

Surveillance Shelter Carrier

The shelters can be transported by our truck with the necessary anchors so that it can arrive safely to the operating scenario.

Its interior equipment with intelligence and information systems can turn the shelter into a centre with all the surveillance and recognition capabilities necessary for military units.

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Control Tower

The shelter carrier platform configuration can be adapted to allow the transportation, loading and unloading of a control tower that can be moved and deployed in a short time in any operating scenario.

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