VAMTAC Civilian

Cargo & Personal Carrier

The versatility of the VAMTAC means that civilian configurations can benefit from all of the attributes of this multipurpose military platform by providing the strength, stability, modularity and off-road performance not usually found in other 4x4 vehicles.

From chassis cabs to Box vans, the customer can select the configuration that best suits their cargo or people transportation requirements.

Chassis Cab

The most basic of all the configurations is at the same time the most versatile, since in addition to selecting the type of cab (single, double or short); adjusting the length of the chassis, as well as defining the type of superstructure to be integrated, regardless of who manufactures it.

All that is needed is to coordinate with UROVESA regarding the type of anchorage and the adaptation to the weights required.  

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This general-purpose VAMTAC can be adapted for a wide variety of missions. It can be configured with a single cab for two people or a double cab for four people, the rear part being configurable for carrying cargo, equipping it with aeronautical rails for securing packages or with benches for transporting people. 

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Station Wagon

This station wagon has been adapted for uses as diverse as transporting personnel, command posts, rescue units, patrols and even NBC configurations. The configuration for transporting personnel has two front seats and the rear with two doors, one on each side and a tailgate which can accommodate up to 6 seats facing the front with seat belts.  

In other similar versions, it only has tailgate and side benches to achieve a total of 10 passengers in the rear area.

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