VAMTAC Civilian

Command & Communications

The civilian Command and Communications units are used in emergency or disaster situations (fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.) to provide the authorities with the mobility to manage, coordinate and control operations in the vicinity of the affected area.

They must also ensure communications between the command and the operational units.

Light Units

The VAMTACs with a more compact configuration are used to take the authorities and/or technicians to the vicinity of the incident in order to be able to evaluate the situation at close proximity, or to take them to the coordination posts that have been installed at points close to the incident. 

The essential requirement is manoeuvrability, reliability and safety of off-road vehicles that enables the authorities and/or technicians to approach the site of the incident even in very adverse conditions.

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Command and communications box vans

VAMTAC box vans are an excellent solution when a command station with greater work capacity is required, in which communication stations and centres can be installed where operations can be coordinated.

UROVESA has developed different truck configurations to suit the characteristics of the mission and the different work scenarios. It is common to equip these units with a generator to ensure they can work autonomously.

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