VAMTAC Civilian

Police Vehicles

The Police and other security forces have opted for the versatility, resistance and reliability of VAMTAC for certain missions and functions where the safety of personnel is critical.
Command units, patrol, personnel transport or assault units are some of the configurations in service.


The VAMTAC also serves law enforcement agencies whose role is to ensure citizens are safe by means of mobile patrol units for the surveillance, prevention and prosecution of crimes. In order to do this, the vehicles must adapt their equipment and their response capacity, which is always very demanding, to the terrain and the situation they will face.

Police Intervention Units (PIU) act in serious episodes of disruption of public safety and as relief in the event of public disasters. The reliability, stability, safety and manoeuvrability of the VAMTAC in circumstances involving difficult access and adverse climate conditions are highly appreciated. 

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Assault Platform

The VAMTAC serves the Special Operations elite forces, in high-risk operations such as rescuing hostages, protecting authorities and dismantling organised crime gangs or terrorist cells.

The assault configuration includes a hydraulic ramp for elevated access at different heights to provide the special forces with access for rescues at a height and anti-terrorist actions with a deployment speed of only a few seconds.

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Box vans

They are an ideal configuration to design a command post or a safe transport of personnel with a maximum of up to 8 people.

It can be manufactured with balistic armored protection for opaque zones and crystals

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