VAMTAC Civilian

Logistic Units

They are those vehicular units developed on VAMTAC to give necessary support to the Society and other Organizations to maintain their functional capacities such as supply of provisions, maintenance or  evacuation in special situations.

They include workshops, cranes and cisterns that act in those situations in which units with greater capacity such as trucks cannot access.

Mobile Workshops

VAMTACs configured as rescue and repair vehicles generally have a single cab for two people where at least one is a mechanic. At the rear, they have bodywork which can carry equipment (compressor, generator, welder) tools, spare parts and whatever is necessary to provide on-site mechanical assistance.

They can be designed with a double cab, but with less space at the rear. Their off-road qualities mean they can provide assistance in hard-to-reach areas.

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Tank Units

The VAMTAC configuration with water and fuel tanks can supply these essential elements for everyday life to remote places and in the most adverse climate conditions, which can isolate populations for days, and make impossible to arrive with standard units heavier and with less off-road services .

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Lifting platform

This articulated aerial platform combined with the off-road manoeuvrability of the VAMTAC allows for intervention in extreme environments that are difficult to reach.

This configuration generates an excellent working system by combining the reliability, strength and stability of the VAMTAC with front and rear stabilisers and a high-quality and robust platform that allows you to work and reach places that other vehicles cannot

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