VAMTAC Civilian

Firefighting Vehicles

Our VAMTACs can be configured as light vehicles for rescues and rapid interventions. They are also used as first attack units for fires or as lightweight pumper trucks.

In all of their configurations they are equipped with excellent mobility, stability, safety and manoeuvrability to travel on roads, narrow streets and forest tracks.

Rapid intervention units

Rapid intervention on VAMTACs are highly regarded for their compact design, with excellent stability, functionality, strength and safety properties. They are able to advance with excellent mobility on narrow streets as well as steep roads and paths in all climate conditions.

They are an excellent combination between off-road manoeuvrability and good extinguishing capacity (1500 l), with enough space for the appropriate resources.

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Rescue Units

These are common units within fire brigades that fulfil a double mission of rescue and assistance. These can be designed in different VAMTAC configurations from pick-ups to box vans depending on the type of rescue and the type of terrain on which it is intended to be used.

They can be equipped with , rescue and release tools and first aid equipment.  

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Light pumpers

The VAMTAC configuration with a truck type cab with a GVW of almost 10 tons, combines the excellent off-road capabilities with a greater capacity for the rear bodywork which can hold a tank up to 3,000 l, along with all other resources required.

The fact that it is equipped with thermal protection systems for working near fire makes it an excellent light pumper truck to reach fires by travelling along forest tracks

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