VAMTAC Military

Cargo & Troop Carrier

The versatility of the VAMTAC means this platform can be adapted to the different functional cargo and troop transport requirements that may be required by military organisations.

From multipurpose chassis cabs, pick-up, station wagons and box vans, the contingent will be able to select the configuration that best suits their needs. Both in standard or armoured versions.  

Chassis cab

The most basic of all configurations is, at the same time, the most versatile VAMTAC, completely suitable for incorporating the desired superstructure or shelter. The length of the chassis can be adapted to the requirement, as can the strength of the suspension and anchors. It can also be offered with single, double and short cab in which the two front occupants face the front and the two rear seats face the sides. 

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Pick up

With multiple configurations, it can be adapted to material or personnel transport. It can be manufactured with standard or armoured single cab, double cab or short cab. Seat configurations can range from simple benches to comfortable seats with headrests and seat belts.   

The rear structure may include a canopy, as well as a rigid roof and/or roll bar for greater safety as shown in the images. Depending on load capacity requirements, armour-plating and other requirements, it can be configured in a lighter version with a GVM of up to 5,400 kg or with the maximum capacity reaching a GVM of almost 10 tons.  

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Station Wagon

When looking for a safer personnel carrier that can incorporate comfort features such as air conditioning, windows and doors, the single-body station wagon can carry up to 8 occupants all facing frontwards with comfortable seats and three-point seat belts.

When the most important aspect is the capacity, it can be configured with side benches with headrest and lap belts to carry more crew. This is the ideal configuration for up to 12 crew members including driver and passenger, as can be seen in the following images

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Armoured Box van

This armored Box van is the most suitable configuration for transport with the highest level of troop protection, since it allows the incorporation of ballistic security and anti-mine shields certified according to STANAG 4569

With a total of up to 8 crew members and with weapons ring is a new configuration that has had great acceptance among our customers.

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