VAMTAC Military

Command & Communication

These units are vehicles from which command or control is exercised in a Military operation. To this end, the systems, communication media and work areas have been integrated into different configurations of VAMTAC, which allow to provide commands with the necessary coordination, communication and control capabilities in operational scenarios.

In some versions, have integrated satellite and advanced communication systems to ensure the permanent connection, even in movement, of these units with the main and / or rear-guard control posts.

Command Compact Units

The VAMTAC in a station wagon configuration means compact command posts can be developed maintaining the high-performance off-road mobility.

The rear area can be designed to configure working and communication stations. 

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Shelter NATO

The VAMTAC has in service multiple command and communications units configured on NATO shelters in both the smaller S-250 and larger S-788 formats.

These can include masts and different types of antenna, including satellite antennas, which gives the units an excellent communication capacity and ensures that there will be no interference due to their electromagnetic characteristics.

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Command Box Van

 Box vans are an excellent solution when a command station with a reduced cost and greater work capacity is required. 

This higher capacity allows a greater amount of equipment and increased comfort at the workstations.

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