VAMTAC Military

Demining & E.O.D

The VAMTAC has been efficient in incorporating state-of-the-art systems for the detection, disposal, removal or destruction of anti-personnel mines and explosive remnants from contaminated areas or in conflict zones.

The versatility of the rear configuration makes it easy to carry any materials required, such as robots, shields and protective suits. The variety of configurations on an armoured vehicle increases operator safety.

Some configurations include a rear robotic arm that increases capacity and safety. 

Neutralisation of Explosives

The neutralisation of explosives, although always important, is today, with the new threats facing society, a key element in the fight against terrorism, of which the VAMTAC forms part.

Our goal is to provide the latest technological advances along with the highest level of safety available to those in charge of these high-risk missions.

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Identification & removal of devices

The identification and removal of suspicious devices using robots and robotic arms is a practice that UROVESA responsibly carries out.

By including the most advanced technology in our units, as well as the highest level of protection to ensure operators are as safe as possible.

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