VAMTAC Military

Emergency & Rescue

Emergency vehicles must be characterised by their strength, functionality, ability to reach difficult areas, as well as their ability to adapt to different scenarios in order to fulfil their mission.

Within the wide range offered for emergencies, the most frequent military configuration requested for the VAMTAC is the ambulance to carry wounded soldiers in the armoured or standard versions. 

Multiple mobile units of advanced life support have also been manufactured with a more complete medical equipment aimed for treatment on site or during transport.


VAMTAC ambulances are usually designed with a single cab and rear box that allows a series of different interior configurations. 

From basic units to carry wounded soldiers, to medicalized units to give advanced life-support during transport. The variation in the number and type of stretchers, as well as the medical equipment included can be adapted to the client's use and criteria.

UROVESA, has manufactured in special occasions ambulances with ballistic protection.

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Rescue and intervention units

They can be designed in different configurations of VAMTAC from pick-ups to Box vans depending on the type of intervention and the type of terrain to which it will be destined. They are generally compact without stretchers with great accessibility to complex areas.

They can be equipped with incarceration, rescue and first aid equipment. Sometimes they are equipped to transfer health personnel and allow assistance and life support on site in order to stabilize the patient until a transfer unit can arrive.

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