VAMTAC Military

Missile & Mortar systems

The fact that missile launchers and mortars from different manufacturers can be integrated is an irrefutable proof of the great versatility of the VAMTAC and its ability to adapt to the requirements of different manufacturers. 

Significant challenges have been overcome regarding structural strength and resistant in the suspension systems to assume the energy and deflagration produced by these weapons. These solutions have led to a reduction in deployment times, and, safety during transport, and ensuring operation functionality.

Anti-tank missile launchers

The VAMTAC provides the state-of-the-art systems in the fight against tanks and armoured vehicles. It has been chosen as the ideal platform for the inclusion of different anti-tank systems, thus demonstrating its adaptability and flexibility as a multi-purpose vehicle.   

Its rotating ring and hatch have a design that allows the weapon to be handled by the shooter with great ease and full efficiency and comfort. Installation on armoured units increases safety for the crew. A missile-carrier rack can be installed in the cargo area to facilitate their transport and availability.

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Anti-aircraft missile launchers

Different short-range air defence systems have been included in different configurations of VAMTAC.  First, were integrated manual systems with towers with one or two launch stations. 

Nowadays these systems have evolved and UROVESA has advanced along with technology by designing new configurations to include remotely controlled systems. 

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Multi-mission lauchers

Multi-mission remote control systems are able to provide a quick response to threats from both the air and ground. The VAMTAC with its versatility has achieved an adequate, safe and resistant integration to house these systems of considerable size.

The interior of the vehicle has been adapted to house the control systems, as well as for the transport of its missiles.

In this way, the armed forces are able to face a wide range of objectives such as armoured vehicles, terrorist installations or air threats.

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Mortar Systems

The integration of different manufacturers of long-range onboard mortar systems into the VAMTAC, valued for its high mobility and excellent off-road performance, result in a weapon system with suitable firepower and mobility to support the units in missions, where time and mobility are paramount.

Mortar Systems from different manufacturers have been integrated successfully on VAMTAC

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