VAMTAC Military

Special Applications

While all of our configurations can be considered special since they are custom made, the VAMTACs that we have grouped in this family are those with applications that cannot be included in an specific family due to the configuration complexity and functional specificity required.

We include here units configured for special operations, NBC protection, among others.

Special Weapons and Technics

For these SWAT configurations, a high mobility vehicle with high off-road performance is essential. It can be configured with ballistic-impact protection and anti-mine kit, with the highest level of protection for this vehicle category. It is designed with a significant load capacity and extended autonomy range.

The fire power is provided by the 360º rotating ring with weapon mount for a 12.7 mm machine gun. It can include up to three weapon mounts for light machine guns (passenger, back right and left), each with its corresponding swing-mount articulated arm.

The main electrical components (alternator, starter motor, etc.), electrical installations and the dashboard are prepared for deep fording and protected against external agents. Finally, it can be equipped with one or more canopies to cover the cab and rear area. 

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NBC Units

These configurations can be divided into those that have only a protection system for the crew. Other configurations are intended for threat recognition and detection usually on Box van versions. Finally, there are configurations to give support to the decontamination of people or places.

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