VAMTAC Military

Surveillance & Control

VAMTAC has positioned itself as one of the most versatile tactical vehicles when it comes to incorporating complex systems of type C4IS (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) in both armoured and non-armoured platforms.

Some configurations are based on the armoured VAMTAC and equipped with a weapons station to increase protection. Depending on their configuration, they can be used for coastal and border surveillance and also for detecting targets, identifying threats and managing command and control of operations.  


Exploration & Reconnaissance

There are many possible configurations and systems S&R (acronym for surveillance and reconnaissance) that can be integrate in different versions of the VAMTAC to perform exploration and reconnaissance tasks. 

These units are in service in the armed forces and have evolve in accordance with the technological advances and are part of the means of border control.

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Target Acquisition

They are vehicles that incorporate STA systems (Acronym in English of Surveillance and Acquisition of Objectives) to support the weapons systems by allowing to locate and fix targets with greater precision and distance.

These systems have also been applied for the detection, localization and monitoring of different types of objectives. 

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Intelligence & Command Systems

These vehicles incorporate complex systems of last generation C4IS (Acronym for Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence, Surveillance,).

These platforms are equipped with command and control computer systems; sensors, masts, cameras and radars for surveillance, as well as radios and antennas that guarantee complex communications necessary to exercise observation and command.

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