VAMTAC Military


The LTV is the smallest brother of the VAMTAC family, a new light development with a range of 3.5 to 4.5 ton of GVW. This new design has been developed by UROVESA to complete the wide range of this independent suspension platform, with a light vehicle capable of developing tactical and logistic functions.

This especial drive line with 100% mechanical locking system together with the high power/weight ratios and its large ground clearance mean the LTV exceeds the performance of most existing light-duty 4x4 vehicles.

LTV Pick up

The LTV (Light Tactical Vehicle) is the small brother of the VAMTAC family. It is possible to be configured with a simple cabin body with capacity for two people (driver and passenger) and with a rear cargo box.  Or with double cabin for 5 people and with reduction of the dimensions of the rear box.

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Plataformas Sistemas de Armas

Es una versión diferente del VAMTAC Ligero donde en la zona de carga se puede desplegar una plataforma que permite integrar de Lanzamisiles a otros sistemas de armas 

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