VAMTAC Military

Weapon Carrier Systems

These configurations, thanks to its versatile multipurpose rotating ring and its rear conical bonnet, enables 360º use of weapons. The versatility and adaptability of the weapon mount means a large variety of weapons from different manufacturers can be included, either in their manual or remotely operated versions. 

It has been our priority to provide high firepower and excellent shooting precision while still moving and can be used both in day and night. Finally, the possibility of armouring the units and the wide variety of protection shields for the gunner increases the safety and efficiency of these units.

Machine guns

VAMTAC provides the gunner with great stability, even in an off-road vehicle where speeds of up to 60 km/h can be reached. Its ring, which can adapt to different weapon mounts, has led to many customers opting for our VAMTAC to install machine guns made by different manufacturers.  

UROVESA is open to coordinate with weapon manufacturers regarding any adaptations required for each weapon mount model.

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Grenade launchers

Another weapon system that can be operated from the hatch of a VAMTAC and installed on its multifunction rotating ring are thegrenade launchers applied in multiple missions.

UROVESA has developed a multipurpose pintle mount that allows the operator to alternate between the machine gun and the grenade launcher. 

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Remote Control Weapon Systems

Weapons stations operated by remote control are especially important in the high-protection configurations of VAMTAC. UROVESA ensures the integration of systems of various manufacturers. 

The interior of the vehicle is adapted for the installation of equipment that helps to control the system (screens, operating panel or joystick).

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Other Pictures of weapon carrier

The performance of our military platform, its resistance and modularity with multiple applications, make it unique.

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