UroTT Assistance

Integrated Logistic Support

We guarantee logistical support to our customers from our facilities in Galicia and with our international distributors.

To ensure maximum operability we have a highly qualified technical team and the permanent availability of spare parts.

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We are here to assist you all over the world

The global assistance we provide begins by ensuring a rapid response when problems arise. Whether via telephone, text messages or emails, the first intervention is carried out in order to obtain a diagnosis leading to the best solution being implemented in order to ensure the vehicle's operability in the shortest possible time.

Our assistance adapts to the needs of the customer ranging from a simple remote advisory service, scheduled maintenance or on-site intervention for preventive or corrective repairs in the shortest possible time.

We deliver your vehicles wherever you need them

The after-sales service begins once the vehicle is manufactured. In case it is requested by our customer, we can deliver it wherever they require, taking responsibility for the appropriate form of transport. We can also provide the technical support during the initial reception and entry into service of vehicles.

UROVESA guarantees that all vehicles supplied will be free from defects in all respects for a period of 24 months from the date of entry into service and acceptance of the vehicles by the end user.

We ensure your staff are trained

It is an essential part of our service to train the users and technicians of the buyer and/or end user. The courses are adapted to the characteristics and capabilities of the customers and vary in duration and location depending on the module selected. Our training system provides training on the driving, maintenance and repair of our vehicles.

One essential complement is the delivery of technical material in terms of user, repair and spare parts manuals. These manuals together with the courses, guarantee a reduction in maintenance costs, breakdowns, and also a longer service life of the vehicle and its components.

Spare parts logistics management

As part of our commitment, during the life cycle of our vehicles, the availability of spare parts and replacement kits is guaranteed.

We also try to ensure the delivery of spare parts by the most appropriate land, sea or air route to wherever they are needed, including remote areas where spare parts and repair services are not usually available.


For further information you can call us at (+34) 981 580 322 or send us a message