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  • Established in 1981 Taking the best experience and knowledge of the most qualified experts in the field of All-Terrain vehicles manufacturing business for industrial applications.
  • From 1983, TT URO Trucks for Fire Brigades and Civil Protection. Desde el inicio de su actividad, la gran especialidad de UROVESA dentro del campo civil ha sido la fabricación de camiones contra incendios forestales y para Protección Civil, existiendo hoy en día en España más de 500 unidades destinadas al cuidado y la protección de nuestro entorno.
  • 1984: UROVESA becomes Supplier of the Spanish Ministry of Defence. Our company is exclusive supplier of 2-Ton payload off-road trucks (4 Tm on chasis) for the Spanish Defence Forces, after winning its first tender on 1984.
  • Three consecutive tenders (1984, 1990 y 1997).  After its first success, UROVESA has won two additional 5-years-supply tenders on 1990 and 1997, in compitition with some of the world-wide most prestigious off-road manufacturers.
  • 1990: Automatic transmission for TT URO Vehicles. Nowadays, all units delivered to the Spanish MOD are fitted with automatic transmission  due to its reliability, easy of maintenance and driving performance. Our company was the first manufacturer in Spain introducing such technical improvement for off-road vehicles.
  • NATO Quality Control Management System from 1993. Today, our company Quality Management System is certified under ISO 9001-2000 and PECAL 1220 /  AQAP 2110 standards.
  • 1996: High Mobility Tactical vehicle (VAMTAC). a new challenge for UROVESA: development of an Off-Road 1,5 / 2,0 Ton. payload High Mobility Multi-Purpose Vehicle. Expanding our product range.
  • 1997: TT URO Trucks in Europe. On this year, the TT URO Trucks were selected as the Spanish vehicle contribution for the Euro-Corps Headquarters at Straspourg.
  • 1998: A new 5-years contract with the Spanish MOD  as exclusive suppliers of light 1,5 Ton payload off-road vehicles (VAMTAC).
  • 2005: The VAMTAC chosen again by the Ministry of Defense of Spain for a period of five years. Therefore, it is granted that the VAMTAC will be in production at least until 2010.